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  • Discover how to avoid making fitness a phase.
  • Discover how to make fitness a lifestyle and how to FINALLY keep the weight off. 
  • Discover how to avoid having low self esteem & the fear of public speaking or approaching that special someone. 
Tyler Tudor
binghamton, ny

"I've lost 100lbs working with Derick!
I used to struggle with intrusive thoughts,
anxiety and overthinking things which
caused me to binge eat and struggle mentally.

I now have the confidence and knowledge
to keep my results long term since Derick
showed me exactly how to make this
a lifestyle and no longer a phase.
Thanks so much Derick!" 
- Tyler

With my help, I GUARANTEE you'll lose inches in your waist while still making muscle gains!
(Watch These Short Videos To See The Level Of Guaranteed Service I Offer.)
Tiffany Castillo
Pensacola, FL
Jonathan Foster
Richmond, VA
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What honestly got me to lift weights 
was my older sister.

I grew up athletic, but was 
very skinny and weak. 
 When I was 15, we were in the garage working out and she told me to bench press.
The bar got stuck on my chest and all that was on it was a 25lb plate on each side....

She started laughing her ass off saying,
"Haha you're pathetic! You're so weak! 
No woman is ever going to feel safe 
around you! You let a girl out lift you!
No wonder you get bullied!"

She said much more than this, but I'll keep the language censored haha

We all have "that moment" when we say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" and finally take Massive Action. 

After that day, I became obsessed with the gym & was NEVER bullied again. 😎💪🏽
From skinny & weak to Stronger & More Athletic!
Hard Work & Dedication!
Kirsten Anaya
albuquerque, NM

"Derick helped me cut mommy fat,
tighten my core, improve my posture 
and build my glutes!" 
- Kirsten 

Michelle Diaz
palm beach, fl

"Derick helped me lose over 50lbs,
overcome past limiting beliefs and
overall gain my power and self love back.
I am so happy I booked a call with him
and started! I will NEVER go backwards again.

My progress also inspired my mom to start
getting more active and eat better.
Derick even helped me complete
my first ever Tough Mudder!"
- Michelle

Thomas Kranz
raleigh, nc

"I was tired of being the skinny red head.
Derick helped me build muscle,
get stronger and tone up!"
- Thomas

Julia Bacarella
long island, ny

"I can't thank Derick enough for everything he
has taught me for my mental health,
fitness, relationship with food and overall
turning me into a confident athlete in the gym.
This was the best investment I've ever made in myself.
- Julia

juan martinez
hollywood, fl

"I'm down 35lbs, my bloodwork has improved drastically,
my blood pressure went down and overall
I am healthier, less stressed and more confident."
- Juan

JEremy Smart
San Francisco, CA

"I feel better than I've felt in years!
Derick helped me hit all my goals
and taught me how to maintain
my results long term."
- Jeremy

Karleigh Giguere
orlando, fl

"Derick has helped push me out of my shell.
He has helped me feel way more confident in
myself and my abilities than I ever thought possible.

As someone with a Connective Tissue Disorder,
I've lived in constant pain, but with Derick's help
and his specialized workouts, I am actually at
a point where I feel stable and pain free."
- Karleigh

brianna reynolds
jacksonville, fl

"I've lost 6 inches in my waist and 40lbs!
I'm happy to finally fit in old outfits
that I haven't worn in years!
I feel more energized, confident and
athletic like I used to be in college."
- Brianna

Alexandra Ramsey
Murrieta, CA

"Derick helped me bounce back after 
my divorce! Training with him
is the best decision I've made!"
- Alexandra

Jen Bressan
Pittsburgh, PA

"Derick helped me find the inner peace
I've been searching for over 5 years."
- Jen

Ken Rogers
San Diego, CA

"At the age of 61 I said enough is enough.
Derick helped me lose 80lbs and I feel younger,
more energized and healthy again."
- Ken

Jonathan foster
richmond, va

"I lost 45 pounds and was FINALLY
able to keep it off and maintain my results.
I feel like my confident self again!"
- Jonathan

Stephen ramos
Colorado srpings, co

"I used to serve with Johnson and the Army
and he always inspired me with his performance
and mental resiliency, so I hired him as my Coach
and have had the best PT scores of my Army career
and was just recently commissioned as a Warrant Officer.

His program and guidance have played a major role
in my recent success these last 3 years.
As I continuously hit and make new goals,
he updates my programs and coaching calls for
consistent results and constant growth."
- Chief Warrant Offer Ramos

Chellie Thomas
Pensacola, FL

"Derick helped me get in the best shape of my life!" 
- Chellie

Brooklyn coates
Pensacola, FL

"It is insane how far my body, mindset and business
have come since working with Derick.
He is the real deal!

He has helped me manage
my stress, work life balance, elevate my way of thinking
in my business and overall taught me tons of workouts,
how to feel better and cut fat with delicious meals
while still able to maintain a house full of kids." 
- Brooklyn

Tim spear
san diego, ca

"I grew up always being the heavy
and FAT guy in the group.
Derick helped me get abs for
the first time in my life!
It definitely wasn't easy but
worth it and I'll never go back
to who I used to be!" 
- Tim

Stop trying all these ineffective workouts & unsustainable diets that prevent you from 
reaching your goals!

Let me show you exactly how to cut body fat & build muscle faster than you ever thought possible!
Dannica Marie
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"I finally have my strength and curves back!
After getting carbon monoxide poisoning,
I lost all my physical strength from
the autoimmune disorder.
Derick helped me gain back my strength,
explosiveness, energy and confidence!"
- Dannica

Donald Statham
Birmingham, england

"Derick has helped me lose 3 Stone (42lbs) 
and gain new levels of confidence. 
My career and life have been elevated.
I have also gotten a raise and promotion
due to my new levels of energy
and confidence to lead my team."
- Donald

sasha florez
fort myers, fl

"Derick helped me get to my goal sizes,
strength goals and overall showed me how to
overcome my past traumas and stress that
kept creeping back into my life and holding me back.
- Sasha

Timothy Jones
Pittsburgh, pa

"Derick helped me cut body fat like a bad habit!
I'm finally able to fit in suits I used to wear
years ago. My coworkers and friends all
have said my overall aura is more energetic
and positive. No going back from here.
Thank you for helping me Derick!"
- Timothy

barbie Brooks
birmingham, al

"I lost 34 pounds in the past couple months
and I know how to FINALLY keep the
weight off and maintain my results."
- Barbie

charlotte maltby
Massapequa, NY

"I am stronger and more lean than I have ever been!
I wanted to see what my body and mind were
capable of, so I reached out to Derick to take my
body, performance and mindset to the next level.

He has helped me in my personal life as well.
Being a nurse, I deal with so many things at work
and Derick helped me manage my stress and schedule."
- Charlotte

Daniel Brown
Raleigh, NC

"I'm finally energized and confident again!
Since working with Derick I've lost 15lbs
and lost 6 inches in my waist.
This new confidence helped me land
my dream job working behind the scenes
on movie sets, editing interviews
and sporting event clips."
- Daniel

Damelza ashurst
Rota, Spain

"Training with Derick has taken my
body to the next level! I fit clothes
better than ever and I now know
exactly what to do in the gym.
All the new exercises and techniques
I've learned gave me the confidence
to do it on my own now."
- Damelza

tim verno
charlotte, nc

“I used to struggle with really bad anxiety.
Derick has changed my life for the better.
He has taught me so much.”
- Tim

Brittany bunker
Fort walton beach, FL

"Since training with Derick I have increased
all my lifts, have faster run times for my
Air Force PT Test, grown my glutes and quads
and he taught me how to control my nutrition
to keep a tight core year round without having
a bad relationship with food and how to
not let stress control how I eat."
- Brittany (US Air Force)

kimberley blue
Virginia Beach, VA

"I finally feel confident in myself again!
Derick helped me lose 24lbs, 4 inches
and handle some personal stress that I was
going through which had me in a dark place mentally."
- Kimberley

Mellie Roberts
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

"Derick is the real deal!
He will do whatever it takes
to help you reach your goals."
- Mellie

Antonio Mejia
Los Angeles, CA

"My goal was to lose 50lbs and 
be able to model and act. 
I'm so happy now and have been 
on multiple show and movie sets 
and have done multiple photo shoots!"
- Antonio

karleigh giguere
Orlando, FL

"Derick has helped push me out of my shell.
He has helped me feel way more confident in
myself and my abilities than I ever thought possible.
As someone with a Connective Tissue Disorder,
I've lived in constant pain, but with Derick's help
and his specialized workouts, I am actually at
a point where I feel stable and pain free.

I'm in the best shape of my life now."
- Karleigh

Sylvie Karimi
Pensacola, FL

"I feel better than I have in years!
Derick has helped me lose over 20lbs.
I now have more energy & more confidence
which has helped me in my career."
- Sylvie

Mike Langdon
four oaks, nc

"I'm 67 years old and haven't felt
this good since I was 25 to 30!
I have boundless energy now!"
- Mike

Julie Lewis
atlanta, GA

"I was stuck at the same weight since 2015.
Derick helped me gain weight, get stronger
and I feel better than I ever have!"
- Julie

Leighton & Tori Stacey
Beulah, FL

"Derick helped us pass our goals
and overall guide us to being
super consistent with our workouts,
nutrition and never hitting a plateau.
This is now our lifestyle!"
- Leighton & Tori

Rosie orshak
pensacola, FL

"I am a mom, a wife and work a full time job managing people.
Before working with Derick I was stressed and not happy
with my life. Derick's system works and his plan helped
me with my busy schedule and I am now more productive
than ever and less stressed even though I have more work
in my career and personally.

Reach out to him. He's the best!"
- Rosie

simone causey
grand rapids, mi

"My self confidence has SKYROCKETED!
I'm a lot happier, my posture is better
and I'm stronger than I've ever been."
- Simone

jessy suero
San Diego, ca

"Derick has been a big part
of my recent success.
He's somebody you want
on your team."
- Jessy

Anna Russo
Los Angeles, ca

"Derick has given me a solid foundation
in my career transition moving from
Germany to the United States to pursue
my American Dream!

I now have the skills and confidence to grow
my business online and offline without
struggling with feeling overwhelmed,
having anxiety or feeling any health issues.

Derick taught me how to control my anxiety
and to finish my tasks more effectively
and create an efficient workflow so I
never hit burn out again!"
- Anna

ann bruno
huntsville, al

"I feel better than I have in over 10 years
since I retired from the Navy.
I now have more energy, flexibility
and feel happy in my clothes.
This is now a lifestyle for me and
I couldn't have done it all by myself."
- Ann

Alexandra Ramsey
Murrieta, CA

"Derick changed my mindset, my body 
and has given me the strength 
to push through my divorce."
- Alexandra

Dannica Marie
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"I had carbon monoxide poisoning
and created an autoimmune system disorder.
I reached out to Derick to get back into my
physical practices and gain my strength back.
Derick also helped me get more organized
and back into my flow.

My online business is now flourishing from
everything he taught me."
- Dannica

Chanel Cegielski
Pensacola, FL

"Since working with Derick, all my lifts have improved,
I never get bored in the gym and he has taught me effective
ways to target my ideal clients for my business.

If I ever had a question or didn't have the motivation,
Derick was always there to support me and push me to
remind me of my ultimate goals."
- Chanel

Shundalynn Hall
Prattville, AL

"Derick helped me lose 15lbs
and keep it off. I feel more confident
about my fitness & nutrition."
- Shundalynn

david lattin

"I've boosted my confidence
and finally gotten out of the
dark place I was in.
I control who I let in my life and mind now
and I'm filling out my shirts now!"
- David

tabitha reedy
las vegas, nv

"Derick helped me to implement
simple, daily, time management,
and mindset techniques. They really 
helped me to win each and every day,
to count small wins. Derick helped
me to lose 15lbs."
- Tabitha

Jen Rulon
Costa Rica

"I'm 52 years old and felt stuck in my business
and overall in my life so after interviewing Derick
on my podcast, I reached out to him and
within two conversations, BAM, I knew he was
the coach for me!

He has given me so much clarity as a
business owner and Life Coach and now
I am more confident and my clients feel
this energy as well. Thank you Derick!"
- Jen

Elle Galindo
Atlanta, Ga

"I'm an avid runner & 
Derick helped me build muscle
to prepare for my marathon."
- Elle

JAred Thomas
Tampa, FL

"Derick helped me lose weight,
while still maintaining my strength.
He also helped me gain more
energy throughout my day."
- Jared

Kirsten Anaya
albuquerque, New Mexico

"Derick helped me get into the BEST
shape of my life and showed me
how to overcome my traumatic past."
- Kirsten

Tamara Mitchell
Pensacola, FL

"As an entrepreneur, my schedule can get hectic.
Derick held me accountable to tasks, workouts
and mindset tactics so I stayed on track
and didn't lack in any area outside of the gym."
- Tamara

Brittany Matherly
Fort Walton Beach, FL

"My goal was to get stronger, gain muscle
in my legs and overall have better
performance when lifting.
Derick helped me with all that!
My form is better and overall I feel amazing!"
- Brittany

autumn  Ward
Pensacola, FL

"Derick has helped me immensely.
I have hit my goals and now am living
a healthier lifestyle and will continue my
journey with confidence knowing what to do.

I've had other personal trainer in the past,
but none of them compare to Derick!"
- Autumn

Alicia Medeiros
Pensacola, FL

"During Quarantine I didn't know
what to do to keep making progress.
His at-home workouts and nutrition tips
helped me continue making progress."
- Alicia

Eric Geggatt
Boston, ma

"Derick helped me get my diet together
which sped up my results.
I lost 10lbs and now have abs
and definition I've never had before!"
- Eric

Molly Shawhan
Columbia, MD

"Derick is a world changer,
a game changer
and has taken my mind, body
and confidence to new
levels I've never seen!
- Molly

Karl miller
Pensacola, FL
"I've always had strength and work ethic,
but years of binge drinking and eating garbage
thinking I could out train a bad diet wasn't working.

Derick helped me lose 18lbs, cut body fat,
taught me how to eat to actually FEEL GOOD
and now I can finally see my Abs!"
- Karl

will you be next?
This program is NOT for everyone.

What I mean is, it is for people who are willing to PUT IN THE WORK

If you are looking for a "magic pill" solution, then this is not for you.

This is only for the dedicated, for those who want to get this part of their life handled once & for all.
Lonnie Daniels
Augusta, SC

"Derick taught me what works for
my body type in regards to workouts
and diet and how to sustain it.
My Army Physical Fitness Test
scores skyrocketed training with D!"
- Lonnie
(US Army Veteran)

Stephen Moize
Pensacola, FL

“You should do Derick’s program 
because it helped me a lot. 
First, my nutrition was horrible, 
and he helped me with that! 
He helped raise all my lifts 
by at least 20 to 30 pounds… 
And he really knows what is 
it gonna take you to your goals. 
You go and give him a shot! “

Derek Vonachen
Deerfield Beach, FL

“Training with Derick has 
helped me learn a lot, he’s expanding 
my knowledge of a lot of workouts, 
a lot of muscle groups, 
improve my posture 
during those workouts, and 
really help me workout 
effectively and efficiently.”

Aries Cooper
Sarasota, FL

“Before training with Derick 
I was very lazy… but after, 
I’ve learned my body’s weaknesses 
and my strengths. And I also learned… 
to keep going and to push through… 
He made my own personal 
workouts to match my 
body’s type and he can do the same for you”

Thomas Kranz
Raleigh, NC

“Derick was able to mold 
a plan for me that lines strictly 
with my goals and after 3 months 
I was able to gain 30lbs of muscle 
weight and really just boost 
my confidence in overall health 
and life with my nutrition 
everything and like that.”

Jeremy Smart
San Francisco, CA

“I sat down with Derick and 
talked about anything 
about intermittent fasting, 
just different trainings, all kinds of 
different things. And I 
got back to work I wanted to be, 
still working progress but 
I’m heading the right 
direction and it feels great.”

Cydneyanne Hall
Tampa, FL

“I just recently started training 
with Derick and i really love his program, 
I like that he has an app that 
gives you an entire week of 
just workouts that you can do 
specific to your body type, your goals, 
and muscles you want to build.”

tim vernon
charlotte, nc

“I used to struggle with really bad anxiety.
Derick has changed my life for the better.
He has taught me so much.”
- Tim

Travis diamond
Tallahassee, FL

“Shoutout to Derick for all the
incredible help he provided me
as a Personal Trainer and Life Coach.”
- Travis

Shaluan Douglas
Dallas, TX

“Training with Derick has helped me 
on a mental level so that the 
fitness follows very easily. So I appreciate 
all the podcasts, books recommendations, 
even the music, appreciate it all. 
Everything helped me throughout 
the 4-month journey.”

Ashley bush
sanford, FL

"I've been insecure about my midsection
and my face for the last 3 years.
Derick helped me lose 6 inches,
lose body fat and overall become
more athletic. I am FINALLY happy to
have my picture taken and not afraid
to wear form fitting clothes or shorts."
- Ashley

Tyler tudor
binghamton, ny

"I've lost 100lbs working with Derick!
I used to struggle with intrusive thoughts,
anxiety and overthinking things which
caused me to binge eat and struggle mentally.
I now have the confidence and knowledge
to keep my results long term since Derick
showed me exactly how to make this
a lifestyle and no longer a phase.
Thanks so much Derick!"
- Tyler

sheree steed
beulah, FL

"After a health condition and medical procedure,
I wanted to build back my strength in
in my core, back and arms and gain
my balance back. Derick helped me
do just that and I no longer have
the shoulder and back pain because
of my new levels of strength, better posture
and overall more control of my body.
My husband hasn't seen me this happy
about my body in years!"
- Sheree

Alex May
Pensacola, FL

"Derick knows his stuff and 
will help you learn what to eat 
and how to train, while 
still enjoying cheat meals."
- Alex

tori stacey
Beulah, FL

"Derick helped me get super consistent
with workouts and learn how to eat for
my goals but still be able to enjoy meals
I love and not sabotage results.
I've lost 6 inches, 10lbs, feel much stronger
and have more energy than I've had in years!"
- Tori

Sarah Santana
tampa, FL

"I had some body fat that I needed
to get rid of and I wanted to get more
toned arms and abs to begin modeling.
I am now signed with a
Brazilian Modeling Agency
here in South Florida!
I'm in the best shape of my life!"
- Sarah

Chanel Cegielski
pensacola, FL

"Derick helped me build muscle,
cut some body fat and overall brought
fun and challenging workouts
to my program so I never got bored.
You will never hit a plateau training with Derick."
- Chanel

Cherish Barberie
Navarre, FL

"Derick helped me cut body fat in
my midsection and taught me
proper form doing barbell
exercises like squats and deadlifts.
I used to be nervous about using free weights."
- Cherish

Mike langdon
raleigh, nc

"I'm in my 60s in the BEST shape of my life.
Derick has helped me reduce stress,
naturally increase my testosterone,
cut body fat and overall have more
energy and better health.

My blood work is
better than it has ever been.
I feel like I'm half my age.
- Mike

samantha delany
royersford, pa

"Derick helped me gain my confidence
and taught me how to put MYSELF
first, set up boundaries with people
in my life so nobody runs all over
me anymore. I'm so proud of myself
for staying strong lately."
- Samantha

Adam Kelly
Collegville, pa

"The last few years I felt out of shape
and was stuck with doing the same boring workouts.
Derick built me a plan on his training app
and now I know exactly what to do in the
gym, at home, in the kitchen and
how to handle stressful situations
in my personal life.

I'm loving these new energy levels
and being able to keep up with my son!
- Adam

summer Starr
Pensacola, FL

"Before working with Derick I was
struggling with my mental and physical
health. I wanted to get stronger, feel more
energized and have more confidence that
has been hiding behind pain and depression
for years. I am now happier than ever,
show up for myself, my daughter
and my community.
No going back from here!"
- Summer

tamara mitchell
Pensacola, FL

"Derick helped me overcome my sugar addiction,
cut overall body fat and build muscle.
I wanted to feel stronger and more energized
and now my career and personal life are
benefiting from this new level of energy
and from the mindset he helped me build."
- Tamara

Austin Jones
Pensacola, FL

"Depression, anxiety and anger used to
control me until I started working with Derick.
He gave me tools to use that has helped
me have a calmer mind. My past tends
to creep into my life so now I'm able to
stop it before things go downhill.
Feeling calmer is amazing.
Derick is a rare man I actually trust
to open up to and not be judged."
- Austin

Heather Terry
Savannah, ga

"This is what happiness looks like!
Before working with Derick I was
struggling with my self esteem,
depression and lack of confidence.
Derick has helped me fall in love with
myself again and be happy about how I 
feel and look. I am back in dresses
and bikinis I haven't worn in years since
my college days before I had my son.
No going back to now!"
- Heather

Alicia Hill
Los Angeles, CA

"When you want to cry,
but you see pictures of yourself
and see all the workouts
are paying off. I see my abs coming in!"
- Alicia

Morgan Betts
Navarre, FL

"I was struggling on how to eat to
keep a tight core and build my glutes
without it affecting my busy schedule.
Derick helped ne build my goal body
and exactly what to eat to actually
feel good and not just look fit."
- Morgan

Harry Segil
Panama City, Panama

"Derick helped me get rid of my back
and shoulder pain by teaching me
how to effectively lose body fat and
improve my mobility, flexibility and
natural energy levels to enjoy life.
Derick has been a huge blessing to
my life and mental health."
- Harry

Micha Alessandra
San Diego, CA

"I've always lacked curves until 
I trained with Derick!"
- Micha

Kyra Forrester
panama city beach, fl

"As a model I have to be in great shape
for castings and gigs. Derick helped me
tighten my core and fit the
measurements I needed to be."
- Kyra

allan kent
los angeles, ca

"Derick helped me build muscle,
improve my ab definition and I feel stronger
than ever and I'm more confident
on set at photo shoots now!"
- Allan

JAson Beaulieu
millbury, ma

"I've lose over 37lbs and I was able to do
my first modeling runway show and
acted on my first ever movie set because
I was FINALLY able to fit the clothes!
I can't thank Derick enough for the life experiences
I've gotten from getting in shape
and living with a a new level of CONFIDENCE.
- Jason

Alicia medeiros
Pensacola, FL

"I've made so much progress from 
what I learned from Derick!"
- Alicia

Kelsey Viger
Pensacola, FL

"When I started with Derick I lost 13lbs
within the first month and from there
we mainly focused on my mental health
and overall relationship with food.

I haven't been this happy since my teenage years!"
- Kelsey

Stephen Moize
Pensacola, FL

"I never knew what to do in the gym
until I started training with Derick."
- Stephen

Brittany Mcbeth
Starkville, MS

"Derick will keep you on track on 
those days you want to be lazy." 
- Brittany

Ed Thompson
Tallahassee, FL

"Derick helped me tweak my diet 
& workouts to get leaner."
- Ed

Sara Isaacs
Pensacoal, FL

"I've always been slim but lacked
muscle definition and strength.
Derick showed me what to do
and broke it down so I was
not overwhelmed like past
training programs I've tried.
I have a tighter core, more definition
and feel better overall."
- Sara

amanda kauffman
pensacola, fl

"I finally fit old jeans because of the
inches I've lost the past few months
working with Derick. Even my husband
can tell how much happier I am now."
- Amanda

Kristi Willamson
Hoboken, NJ

Derick has not only motivated me to start my own Digital Marketing Agency, but he’s also been a genuine and constant source of motivation and
has never failed to guide, coach and encourage
me along the way.

 Over the past 4 years I’ve grown and improved
on all levels, whether it’s business or personal,
under Derick’s guidance and mentorship.

My confidence and business capabilities have soared and I’m a better person for having
worked with him.

To this day, I continue to be amazed by his drive and discipline. Derick achieves anything he sets
his mind to and whether you’re a friend or a client,
he will consistently give 200% and help you achieve the same and even more.
- Kristi

"Derick has not only motivated me to start my own Digital Marketing Agency,
but he’s also been a genuine and constant source of motivation
and has never failed to guide, coach and encourage me along the way.

 Over the past 4 years I’ve grown and improved on all levels,
whether it’s business or personal, under Derick’s guidance and mentorship.

My confidence and business capabilities have soared and I’m a
better person for having worked with him.

Whether you’re a friend or a client, he will consistently give 200%
and help you achieve the same and even more."
- Kristi

sarah mundy
jacksonville, fl

"Before working with Derick I was
struggling with losing my fupa
and was frustrated not being able to
lose weight and keep it off.
Derick helped me lose 13lbs
and I've KEPT IT OFF!"
- Sarah

Tori Stacey
beulah, fl

"I used to worry about the numbers on the scale
but now I'm happy having more muscle,
more energy and less body fat.
I don't even look at the scale because
my clothes fit better, I feel better and
I have been super disciplined."
- Tori

Kianti Rankins
Pensacola, fl

"Derick helped me lose 9 pounds
WITHOUT doing any crazy diets.
Most diets I tried in the past made
me lose energy and affected my mood.
I'm a mom and in a leadership position,
so I need my energy and positive attitude."
- Kianti

billy bilberry
milton, fl

"D helped me drop the pounds I gained,
helped me get my best Army
Physical Fitness Test score and taught
me how to dress business casual
since I used to only wear over-sized clothes."
- Billy

Julia Bacarella
long island, ny

“Derick has changed my life in many ways.
I feel more confident, less stressed, have learned
new exercises so I can always make progress,
how to not let anxiety or depression control me,
and now I know exactly what to do for my
body type with nutrition.

This is the best investment I've made in my life."
- Julia

Tiffany Castillo
Pensacola, FL

“Derick was super helpful 
and gave me a fully tailored 
routines based on what my goals were.”
- Tiffany

Jonathan foster
Richmond, VA

“Once he started coaching me 
and get me to a rhythm 
where I was comfortable, 
I became a better version 
of myself, I was eating 
better, I was doing meal preps, 
I was working out 5 to 6 
times a week.. I lost 
about maybe. 45 to 50lbs.”
- Jonathan

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